Hey there! I read your letter, thanks a heap for your kind words, they are appreciated. OOC - And to answer your question: Welp Zack was a long time coming, I’ve been a fan of FF7 since it came out, back then Zack only had a bit-part role and I completely overlooked him, but then when AC came out I was reintroduced to his character in the bonus short movie Last Order and that was when I said “Hey it’s that guy!” and really acknowledged him as a character, but it was only after that on the tenth anniversary release of  Crisis Core that there was enough material to work with, but really it’s Last Order and the character Kunsel from Crisis Core that inspire my portrait and interests in Zack, I feel like he’s more of a freedom fighter I LO and he maintains the down played role that I like, as For Kunsel I enjoy the easy and ambiguous dynamic between them. Heh oops forgive the long story :^)

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